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Suction Machine Tube Plug

Suction Machine Tube Plug

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This purple object is designed to help secure the free end of the suction tubing when a suction tip is not installed as well as provide a way of plugging the suction tubing opening. It is designed to work with Cardinal Health Non-conductive suction tubing with a 5mm opening and includes a 2 inch black carabiner. Note that inserting the plug too far into the tubing may make it difficult to remove and over-torquing could cause the tool to break.

Designed and fabricated in Seattle by AdaptedDesign.

[Please note that this item or parts of it are 3D printed and assembled by hand. This is not a mass produced item and may come with imperfections inherent in the 3D printing process. If the tool or device is not used as intended then it may not work properly or break. (TLDR: be gentle these are not indestructible). If you have any issues with your 3D printed item please contact AdaptedDesign and I will work with you on a solution. Other items shown in the listing photos are for suggested use and reference but are not included. If you have any questions with regard to 3D printed items and quality please reach out before ordering. Pricing is based on how long it takes to 3D print each item and is comparable to similar items being sold by similar shops. This shop was created to help raise funds for my child's medical expenses. Thank you for supporting my work here at AdaptedDesign.]
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