Blurb Blog Interview: Behind the Book with Greg Nakata

"[A] pioneering guide to adapting toys and devices for people with disabilities. This book not only breaks down the barriers to adapting toys but also serves as a beacon of empowerment for the community, encouraging the spread of these vital skills. [...] This conversation is not just about a book; it’s about a movement toward inclusivity, creativity, and community-driven change."
Blurb: Behind the Books

LWSD preschool parent and author teaches staff [how to adapt toys for] children with disabilities

"With a background in architecture and design, Nakata is taking run of the mill toys and turning them into items that can bring greater access and inclusion to people with disabilities."
Lake Washington School District

Books for Parents about Childhood Disabilities

"Let’s Adapt for Everyone! is for parents and caregivers of children with AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) needs, written by Greg Nakata, father to a child who uses the devices he builds. If your child is learning to use or has mastered using switches, this book will teach you how to adapt fun and practical objects so that your child can control them. [...] You are also taught how to make your own switch from scratch, including tips on preparing and soldering wires."
Rare Parenting

Infant Tube Feeding 101—Plus Products Chosen By Parents To Support All Parents

"Keep the end of your extension tubing clean and minimize leaks with this parent-designed 3D printed extension cap from Esty store Adapted Design 3D. Shout out to Dad, Greg, at Adapted Design!"
Milk Drunk by Bobbie

Adapting Toys for Accessible Play with Greg Nakata, AIA

"Chasity speaks with Greg Nakata of Adapted Design about making play accessible to children with disabilities. Greg believes that play is a right for every child, and teaches parents and caregivers how to adapt toys to make play more accessible for everyone.
Greg is an architect by trade and also a disability dad who, after discovering how expensive adapted toys for his daughter were, is on a mission to empower other parents to adapt toys themselves. He is the author of "Let's Adapt for Everyone!" and posts tutorials for adapting toys on Instagram."
Complex Conversations Podcast

Access Granted: Dads, Disabilities, and Tearing Down Gatekeepers with AdaptedDesign

"Challenges with accessibility can come in many different forms. One of the most frustrating challenges parents can face with accessibility is the outrageous cost that comes with finding adapted toys or other functional items. There's almost a gatekeeping-mentality around those who offer switch adapted products, which allows them to charge exuberant prices. We sit down with Greg from AdaptedDesign to talk about the frustrations he faced when trying to find adapted and functional products for his daughter. This frustration drove him to learn how to switch adapt products on his own. He now offers his services at extremely reasonable cost so that all families can grant their children the joy and happiness that comes with using a switch-adapted product! Greg also discusses the lack of representation and community for fathers of disabled children, and how he turned to creating memes to help bring comic relief to those who felt the same isolation."
B*tching and Bolusing Podcast